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"Champion of the Ordinary: Poems and Letters from My Dog" is a collection of writings that honors my profound relationship with Rico, a special dog who came into my life to guide and love me through a difficult chapter.

On these pages, Rico offers his life-affirming insights, reflections, observations, and gentle pointers toward deeper levels of present moment awareness, genuine compassion, and the everyday invitations to lean more fully into the life we've been given.


Book Reviews

- It is rare that a book can arrest my attention, inspire my soul, and transport my being into the bigness of the eternal now.  Rico’s words take on a masterful quality in their reflection of unconditional love, sweet beingness and in always seeing the perfection of all just as it is. Thank you Michelle for sharing so openly your soul stirrings, and for a view into the love that you and Rico shared in such big ways. This book is a true treasure!  ~Deborah D.

-This is a book of hope, love, and incredible insights.  An amazing writer with wisdom far beyond her years.  ~Linda G.

-If you love poetry, if you love dogs, if you love people, if you have ever loved anything, you will love reading "Champion of the Ordinary."  It is a true story about the very simplest of truths.We must love one another, unconditionally.   ~Scott R. 


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